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The first step is to Click here to see the Georgia Real Estate Commission requirements to obtain a Salesperson’s license.

The second step in becoming a real estate agent is to attend a Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) approved 75-hour Pre-license course.  (Our school is approved by GREC.) The Pre-license course may be taken online or in-class with an instructor. We have online and instructor led classes available.

The third step after completing the course instruction, is to pass a proctored course final exam.

The fourth step, after passing the course final exam, is to take the state salesperson exam.

The online course is independent study at your own pace. You can go through the course as quickly or as slowly as you prefer. Online courses are popular with students who do not live close to a classroom location, or are not able to fit an in-class course into their schedule. Online students do have access to one of our instructors to ask questions if the course material is not clear.

The in-class course has the benefit of an instructor as well as peers learning the same material at the same pace. Some students find it helpful to form study groups outside of class. There is a textbook and supplemental materials for in-class students.

Our final exam is included in the full cost of the course $430. Real Estate License law only allows the school to give students 2 attempts to pass the final exam, and if a passing grade of at least 72% is not reached, the course will need to be retaken. 

The state exam is administered by a private facility PSI.  There are currently 4 locations: Duluth, Macon, Marietta and Savannah, Georgia.  Complete information on the state testing process can be found on the Testing site, and you can verify all state testing information with them. The cost to take your state exam is $121, and you are allowed as many attempts as you need to pass the exam, although you will be required to pay the fee for every separate attempt. 

The GA Real Estate Commission requires that you attend 75 total hour of real estate pre-license coursework in addition to the passing of the final exam. 

Students must be on time and remain in class for the duration of each class session to receive credit. Make-up time is at the discretion of the instructor. Students who miss more than three sessions (not to exceed 12 hours) will be dropped from the class. The student is not entitled to refund.

If the student notifies the school in writing that are dropping the class, they are entitled to transfer their class registration to the next class and pay a transfer fee of $75.00.

If the student does not notify the school in writing that they are dropping the class and just stops attending class, their class fee is forfeited. They are not entitled to a refund. If the student wishes to continue becoming an agent, the student will need to register for the next Pre-License class and pay a retake fee of $250.00.

Although we have no technical deadline to register for classes, we are limited to a certain number of seats in our classroom. Most of our classes do fill up. Once the classroom is full, we will cut off registrations for that current class, and give you the option of being on our waiting list or enrolling in the next scheduled class. Therefore we run on a “first come, first serve” basis. You can register for future classes as early as you would like and as late as the start of class as long as we have room. We advise you to register as soon as you know that you will be joining us for a class so that you will be guaranteed a seat in the class.

Our classroom currently holds 30 students here at CEMSORE Corporate Training Center location in Atlanta/Tucker. In the instance that we have a class greatly exceed 30 students, we have many options to relocate to larger facilities. We hate to turn people away and do our best to accommodate the needs of our students. 

For the online course, there are 100 multiple choice questions on the course final exam. You have two (2) hours to complete the exam.

For the classroom course, there are 152 multiple choice questions on the course final exam. You have four (4) hours to complete the exam.

Yes. Students who join Lamar Real Estate Group, LLC office will be reimbursed the amount of their paid tuition after their second closing. This applies for both the online course and the in-class course.

 Our payment requirements are as follows: a non-refundable, deposit of at least $100 is required to reserve your spot in class and will be credited toward your full course payment. The full tuition amount is currently $430 if paid in full on or before the first day of your class session. You will receive your course workbook as soon as your course is paid in full. 

If you need to have a payment arrangements, a total of $250 (which can include your reservation deposit) must be paid on or before the first day of class. Following this payment, another total payment of $200 is due at midterm, totaling $450 (includes $20 service fee). As long as these requirements are met, we are willing to work with you in any way possible.

Our Partner in Real Estate Lamar Real Estate Group, LLC offer 100% tuition reimbursement. CEMSORE offer veterans, college and high school graduates discounts. Contact School Director for details. 

The fee to activate your license is $170.  The fee to renew a license every four years is $125. You will receive a $25 discount if the renewal fee is paid online.

Within the first year, all new licensees are required to complete an approved 25-hour Post-License Course. The Post-License course also counts for 9 hours of continuing education credit. All licensees must complete 36 hours of continuing education hours every four years.

The completed 36 hours of continuing education must include a license law course.

 We accept Check, Cash, Zelle® or Cash App.

The Salesperson Prelicense class is 75 in class hours (in-class or virtual class) or 75 hours with the online course (enforced by a timer).  Generally, pre-license courses offered by Courtney E McCord School of Real Estate, LLC (CEMSORE) are comprised of the follows:

“FAST TRACK” – 11 Day/Classes  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

“DAY CLASS”  – 16 classes, 5 hours each/day (approximately 6 weeks), and 

“NIGHT CLASS – 20 classes, 4 hours each/nights (approximately 8 weeks).  

The online courses can be completed at your own pace, anywhere you have internet access. Both the in-class and online courses require a proctored final to be passed at the end of the course. 

No. However, you can contact Our Partner In Real Estate Lamar Real Estate Group, LLC regarding their coaching for new licensees.